Why Airbrush Makeup is the Best Nude Makeup


Throughout this guide, you have come across several references to airbrush makeup. If you haven’t heard about this innovative line of cosmetics, you must be wondering what it is, and, what it has to do with nude makeup. To find out the answers of these questions, read on.

Defining Airbrush Cosmetics

Airbrushing cosmetics is a technique which allows you to spray water-based makeup. With the help of the air-generating compressor, you will be able to apply makeup over your face and neck. Besides providing better coverage, what makes airbrush cosmetics different from your regular water-based makeup is the small amount of product used, and, it lasts longer than any other makeup product.

This technique first saw the light when expert, and award winning, makeup artist Dina Ousley researched ways to make models and celebrities look natural while wearing makeup. She required a technique, (and the cosmetics), to apply cosmetics that would dry quickly, and yet provided its wearer with coverage that couldn’t be detected by cameras. As a result, she combined the airbrushing for cars technique along with makeup she formulated herself. Since then, numerous companies have embraced airbrush cosmetics and Ousley herself established her own company, Dinair.

Why Airbrush Cosmetics are Great Nude Cosmetics

After going over that brief introduction on airbrush cosmetics, you must be wondering what makes this type of makeup one of the best nude makeup lines around. Well, here are the three top reasons:

  • It Blends with the Skin – One of the important aspects of nude makeup is that it should blend well enough to be invisible to the rest of the world. Airbrush cosmetics are designed to work with all skin types and can create better results than the best conventional makeup products you have ever used.
  • It Conceals All Types of Blemishes – Natural makeup is supposed to reflect your actual skin minus the imperfections that may mar your beauty. Airbrush makeup makes sure of hiding your blemishes and creating a perfect, smooth canvas for you to apply your makeup to.
  • It Speeds Up the Process – As you may have realized, one of the disadvantages of sheer makeup is that it takes a lot of time to be applied. The reason behind this is that you need to apply different products but you must wait for each to settle on your skin before applying the next. Airbrush makeup dries upon contact and eliminates your need to use concealers and color correctors. Therefore, in less than five minutes, you can have the nude look you want and look perfect with it on.

Airbrush makeup is your best solution for the perfect nude look. So, make sure to get your own kit and enjoy the beauty of spraying on a flawless face.

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